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Whale watching

skrivet den 03 Sep av Admin, klockan:17:01
We stopped off for a whale watching tour in Monterey Bay. Against better judgement I chose not to take the sea-sickness pill before getting on the boat. There was a strong breeze and I started feeling sick after about 15 minutes. Trying to take photos just made everything worse and it did not take long before I was feeling very sick! I threw up a few times and felt just horrible. Not the best way to spend your holiday! We did see a few whales but I couldn’t really enjoy the view from where I was lying down on the deck. After a couple of hours of pain we returned to dry land and I eventually started feeling better. We were staying near-by and I was more than happy to get back to the room for a snooze. We arrived in San Francisco in the late evening and settled in to our hotel which was near the city centre and the big square in the city. San Fran is a beautiful city and the perfect place to finish our holiday. We took the tram car around the city and walked and walked and walked! San Fran has a great gallery.  

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