Endless journey round the world

Viva Espana

skrivet den 25 Aug av Admin, klockan:09:39
We started out visiting Madrid. The Royal Palace was huge and very nice to visit. We also saw some of the squares and parks in the city. We didn’t get to see a bullfight and unfortunately Real Madrid weren’t playing while we were there. My wife was happy but I was devastated! We love Spanish food and enjoyed our meals out at the restaurants in the city. Tapas is awesome! Many of the places around where we were staying were very ,but if you look hard you can find some authentic local attractions even in those places. Barcelona is an amazing city. Our favourite place was this huge cathedral called the La Sagrada Familia. It’s got all these strange creatures all over it the walls and is spectacular. The beaches are quite nice there too. From Spain we flew to Italy. My wife’s family is from Italy so we were really looking forward to this part of the journey. We started in Rome. My favourite sight was the Colosseum and my wife liked the Pantheon. Our hotel wasn’t very nice and we were close to moving to a different hotel. It was dirty and we couldn’t wait to leave. Rome is so expensive and you’ll pay $7 for a cup of coffee.

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