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Vegas Baby!!

skrivet den 29 Aug av Admin, klockan:10:46
You can spend days exploring the hotels in Vegas. My favourite was Caesars Palace and I just never get sick of the fountains and looking up at the blue ceiling. My wife and I are nature freaks so we travelled to the Grand Canyon next. We hired a car in Vegas and set off on our way. It’s a decent drive from Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. About 400km through some beautiful countryside. It was quite cold still and we drove through some snowy mountains on our way. When we arrived there was still some snow around the south rim village. We were staying in a rustic cabin not far away from the edge. You never forget the first time you look over and out across the canyon. It is a breathtaking sight and even more impressive than you could have imagined. The layers are all well preserved so you can see the different colours of all the layers one on top of the other. There are donkey tours that take you down the slope of the canyon but I don’t like big animals and was just nervous that the donkey would freak out and run over the edge.  

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