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The deep valley

skrivet den 30 Aug av Admin, klockan:09:48
You can wander around along the rim and get different views across the canyon but we decided that this would be an active holiday and that we would hike right down to the bottom of the canyon. We started our hike early in the morning at around 5:30am. There are lots of warnings that tell you you have to take enough water with you and warn you not to try to walk too far. Apparently there are many people that have to be rescued each year and some that die as well. We packed our bags with plenty of water and sports drinks as well as snacks and lunches. My camera equipment is quite heavy so in the end each bag probably weighed about 15 kgs. The sun was coming up as we hiked down so the light was constantly changing as we wandered down the canyon. This made for very interesting photography and the view and light changed as we went around every bend of the track. There were a few others who had risen early to hike down into the canyon. The track was never crowded however. It was quite cold at the top when we set out but the temperature rose the further down into the canyon we went.

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