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Our World holiday

skrivet den 24 Aug av Admin, klockan:09:39
My wife and I just came back from a long trip to Europe and the USA. It was our first holiday for years and we had the times of our lives. We caught a flight from Melbourne to London and spent the first week exploring the sights and sounds around the city. My family is from England originally so it was a natural place for us to start out. We saw all the famous attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and some galleries and museums. I loved the National Gallery and they had a few different exhibitions on at once. We travelled around on the tube most of the time which is crowded by the convenient (and cheapest!) way to getting around. We stayed at a nice hotel near the city centre. Breakfast and free internet connection was included in the room rate and we thought it was a nice place. After a week in London we travelled on to France. Paris was a disappointment and we were expecting a much nicer place to visit. The middle of the city is beautiful but it’s actually quite dirty once you get outside of there. We saw the sights around Paris and moved on down to Spain.

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