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skrivet den 01 Sep av Admin, klockan:11:12
There can be a large temperature difference when we get down low and each layer of clothing came in the further the morning went. The track is steep in places and it was tough going. We are both quite fit but the constant stepping down over the steps was tiring. After 3 or 4 hours we reached the bottom of our descent and started walking around the canyon so that we could hike back up a different route. It was important to keep drinking and to have snacks so that we kept our concentration and strength up. You certainly don’t want to take a wrong step as it would not be fun to fall over and damage yourself. We hiked back up to the rim and worked out that we had walked about 26 kms in the day! We were tired but had had a great time. The Grand Canyon is an amazing place and I can warmly recommend holidaying there. Next on our itinerary was Los Angeles. It’s a long drive to LA so we got an early start the next day. We visited a friend of mine in LA. He lives south of the city in Newport which is in Orange County.  

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