Endless journey round the world

Go West!

skrivet den 28 Aug av Admin, klockan:16:24
The best part of holidaying in May was the amount of sunlight we got each day. The sun went up at around 3am each morning and didn’t set until about 1am. Even when it set it was still light enough to see outside. We did some fishing and managed to catch some great specimens. Scandinavia is so green in the spring and summer and it was often just a big sea of different shades of green. We went on a boat ride down some of the fjords. There were waterfalls coming down the sheer rock faces. From Norway we travelled back to England and then on to the USA. Our first stop was Las Vegas. I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times before. We had a flutter on the gambling tables, saw the show with the blue men and walked up and down the Strip until our feet hurt. We stayed at the Palms hotel which is a little way off the Strip. Each of the big casinos is like a small city and you could easily stay inside the hotel for your entire trip. There are restaurants, night clubs, shows, gambling, shopping and more. We like to explore however so we actually didn’t spend much time at the hotel.

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