Endless journey round the world

From the Med to the North

skrivet den 26 Aug av Admin, klockan:15:02
From Rome we travelled to Tuscany. I love Italian wines and some wine tourism was on the cards for us. Tuscany is a beautiful place with the wine vines stretching out over rolling hills. We visited some wineries and walked around the Tuscan hills. I have always wanted to visit Scandinavia and we flew from Italy to Stockholm. Stockholm in the summer is very nice with the water going through the city. We took a boat ride out through the archipelago. There are thousands of small islands and we visited some of the biggest ones. The old centre of the city was interesting to see with small and narrow walkways. We had a sightseeing tour through the old city. We heard all about its history which stretches back to the 1200s. From Stockholm we travelled to Norway. We hired a car and drove westwards. Our goal was the fjords along the western coast of central and northern Norway. The fjords are amazing; the seas cuts in between enormous mountains. Enormous cruise ships bring tourists all the way to small port towns surrounded by mountains on every side. We visited in May, which is spring time there. It was quite mild and the days were prefect for sightseeing and wandering around.

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