Endless journey round the world


skrivet den 05 Sep av Admin, klockan:18:05
The gallery is called the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We wandered around looking at the several exhibitions for a few hours and then walked down to the pier area. There are huge amounts of seals, sea lions and walruses that come to eat and show off around the pier area. You cannot imagine the smell they make and it was hard to breath with the stench. Some good photo opportunities though and we took lots of snaps. There is great food and wine in San Fran and we ate and drank very well. I would have liked to visit the wine region in Napa but there just wasn’t enough time. Another highlight was the Alcatraz Prison. The place was used last century to house criminals from all over the US. It has been preserved really well and the tour was excellent. You could feel how terrible it must have been to be locked up there. We were booked to fly from San Francisco back to Melbourne and it’s actually one of the longest flights anywhere in the world at 14 hours. We had a great time on our round-the-world holiday and can’t wait to start planning the next one.  

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